Monday, October 15, 2007



The proper way for men to pray,

Said deacon Samuel Keys,

At least the best for is

Down upon the knees

Oh I should say the way to pray

Said Rev. Dr. Wise

Is standing straight with arms outstretched;

And rapt and upturned eyes.

Oh, no, no, no said Elder Slow

That posture is too proud

A man should pray with eyes fast closed

And head serenely bowed

It seems to me his hands should be

Serenely clasped in front

Both thumbs pointed toward the ground

Said Rev. Dr. Blunt

I fell in Hicken’s well the other day

Headfirst, said Willie Brown

Both my feet were asticking up

And my head was asticking down

I prayed a pray right then and there

Best prayer I ever prayed

The prayingest prayer I ever prayed

I was astanding on my head.

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