Monday, December 17, 2012

(58) Shelia Johnson Boyd

(58) Shelia Johnson Boyd
No, the original 10 became over 300 by the time the scribes got done with them. Sort of like Obama is doing now to our Bill of Rights. Jesus plainly explained why He came, to 'set us free of the law', to 'fulfill the law' His death and resurrection ended the law, ripped the curtain from top to bottom.... and brought GRACE not only to the Jews but also to the Gentiles. The Law was for the Jews, we Gentiles were lost and without hope in the world. Grace was given to us; we are the wild olive branches that were grafted into the tree olive tree. But this is only for a while. God did pour out His wrath onto Jesus while He was on the cross, and God did the hardest thing He could ever do, He turned His back on His Son, for a time, because God cannot look at sin.

So all of our sins, past, present and future have been 'paid in full' until the Rapture. Then His wrath will be poured out on the ones who did not accept His Son as their Saviour. I mean wouldn't that make you mad?

God raised Jesus from the dead and put all things under His feet. His Name is above every name that is named. And we are the children of God; we are heirs Of God with Jesus according to the PROMISE, the BLESSING. Jesus prayed that OUR Father would keep us; He said (look it up, this is not a quote) we are still in the world, but we are not of the world. The Kingdom of God is and has been on the earth for 2000+ years. Jesus said to us, 'to be of good cheer, He has overcome the world. We Christians...not we religions, are even now in the Kingdom of God. Jesus, in the gospels, explained it many times about the kingdom, the lost coin, the pearl, and many parables about the Kingdom. And yes we are only under the two commandments...which include the others, If you love God, you won't deliberately sin against Him, if you love your neighbor...that's everyone else, you won't steal, kill, lust etc... When Jesus was on the cross, he said, IT IS FINISHED! All things are done. He has redeemed us with His blood and has sat down beside His Father and mine. When someone finishes work, they sit down, don't they? Everything has been done that needs to be done. Now it is our time to follow His example, going about doing good and healing all that are oppressed of the devil. 

Another point if I may, the 10 commandments, the Law, in that time if you broke even one of the commandments you were guilty of all. And you had to once a year sacrifice an animal so their blood would cover, not do away with, but only cover their sins for a year. The Law was given to prove that no one could live a perfect life on their own. They needed a Saviour, Jesus did live a perfect life, that is why He was able to pay for our sins. Somewhere in there it says, 'That He once and for all took our sins. Not cover them, but to cast them into the sea, God does not see our sins, He sees His Son. We are justified. Just as if I'd never sinned, my slate is clean. I am forgiven. And Jesus is Lord.

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